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Allow me to introduce you to Perspectives...

Perspectives 4 Life, Inc. is a safe haven for Adults and Youth who are the process of transition in their lives, but need a helping hand.  As so many youth (17-26) lack the basic knowledge and resources as it relates to life skills development (i.e., banking, budgeting), financial literacy, home buying, credit, debt and money management, and entrepreneurship skills development (as many desire to have their own business but lack knowledge of how to begin the process of their dream).  Additionally, Perspectives, Inc. will provide affordable transitional housing for Adults and Youth, and offer all the opportunity of learning how to invest in Real Estate and obtain guidance through the home ownership process, so that they may too be able to pay it forward into their communities while enhancing their own lives.

We thank you for allowing Perspectives 4 Life, Inc. to serve you!  We appreciate all of the community service and look forward to INSPIRING you to a NEW PERSPECTIVE that will ignite a TRANSFORMATION in your life and community!


Loretta Ausby

​​Loretta Ausby,
​Founder & CEO

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