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Executive Director

Loretta Ausby

Marine Veteran and NAACP Woman of the year award recipient, Loretta Ausby is a Nurse, Entrepreneur, International Inspirational and Motivational Speaker, Community Leader and Activist for Change. As the Founder and Executive Director of Perspectives 4 Life, Inc., Mrs. Ausby is literally a walking testimony of how the change of one’s perspective can completely change your life.  For Mrs. Ausby, the change of her perspective saved her life and her husband’s life after being told that she would die after a fatal car accident in Detroit, MI.  In an instant Mrs. Ausby’s life was altered and as a result of her changed perspective and will power to push beyond all obstacles in her life, she lives now to inspire and empower others through the vision and mission of Perspectives 4 Life, Inc. to do the same.


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Margaret Ebron

Margaret Ebron is a license Social Worker for the State of Texas. She completed her degree from Texas Women’s University in 2008. She has served the State of Texas Health and Human Services through working with families and individuals with intellectual disabilities and Mental Health. She has managed a team of 189 professionals, mid management and direct care professionals to bring services, education and hope to families. Her passion and love for people has brought her to lend a helping hand to see the vision and mission of perspectives come alive and she is excited to inspire and to ignite change in the lives of the citizens of Detroit.


Mrs. Cassandra Butler is an Educator and Entrepreneur.  As a Beekeeper, she is the Founder and CEO of Honey for Sweetness, LLC.  With over a decade of educational experience, her objective is to ensure that the children who may be a part of the Perspectives Programs receive the best learning and/or educational experience possible.

Cassandra Butler


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